Doug & Co

Doug & Co

ArtisAn Sausages

We offer a wide variety of the finest sausages in Panama
Tried the rest, now get the best!

Doug & Co

“puff” pastry meat pies

We offer a huge variety of exceptional meat pies that is extremally popular. “Real Butter, Real Meat and Real Tasty”

DOug & Co


We offer BBQ Ready products. Perfect for those who appreciate a good BBQ but want to save time, money and we make you look like a Professional

Customer Care, Delivery and Collection


In our products we only use the freshest ingredients and the finest meats.


All our products have been 100% Quality checked before sending.

Delivery on time
Every time

Please contact us for more information regarding delivery and shipping

We are at
Local Markets

We attend Local Markets in and around Panama. For info – contact us

Highest Quality

All the products we use in manufacturing fresh, tasty and wholesome. We pride ourselves on being best and work hard every day to source and use fresh products as we value our status in our customers’ eyes. Rest assured before delivering, we thoroughly check each item.

We may have a new name, but experience is experience. We have years of experience and our company’s image has been built over time with dedicated and careful work. We are proud of what we’ve achieved so far. We gained the trust of our customers and keep on working on it everyday.

We provide an extensive range of sausages, meat pies, BBQ Ready items as well as Gourmet meats

We strive to ensure that no matter your preference we have something for you to enjoy.

Our main goal is to make our customers happy and to bring great tasting and healthy food to their tables. Having taken into account all notices, we’ve over time developed the best range of products for all our customers.

We work hard, so that you don’t have too. Our products are convenient and quick to prepare and best of all you get to look like a professional and treat yourselves and your guests to a great meal