Chicken Sausage Patties


Chicken Sausage Patties – Chicken Sausage Patties – Experience the delectable flavors of our Artisanal Chicken Sausage Patties, a culinary delight that can be savored any time of the day, from adding them to your breakfast or a lunchtime sandwich to the dinner table you will enjoy these patties. Supplied in packs of six patties per pack

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Our Chicken Sausage Patties are handcrafted with meticulous care. These patties showcase our commitment to delivering exceptional taste. They are created from the finest cuts of chicken. Every sausage patty is expertly seasoned with a delightful blend of herbs and spices, resulting in a burst of flavor in every bite. Our chicken sausage patties’ lean and tender texture makes them an excellent choice for a wholesome and satisfying meal. Whether you enjoy them as a protein-packed addition to a salad. Add them as a flavorful ingredient in pasta dishes or even as a delicious snack.

Our Artisanal Chicken Sausage Patties are a versatile and mouthwatering option. Each pack contains six of these flavorful patties, ensuring you can indulge in their savory goodness whenever the craving strikes. In addition to the chicken, we also have an American-Styled Breakfast sausage patty. Then for those who like spice, our Jalapeño Sausage Patties are a must.

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