Italian Spice Pork Sausage


Our Spicy Italian Spice Pork Sausage are bursting with traditional Italian flavors, without the added heat. Made from premium pork and seasoned with a blend of classic Italian herbs and spices. These Sausages are packed thick and supplied in packs of 4.

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Immerse yourself in the culinary heritage of Italy with our meticulously handcrafted Italian Spice Pork Sausage. We select the finest pork cuts and skillfully blend them with a medley of authentic Italian spices. This results in sausages that capture the essence of Italian cuisine. Each bite showcases the expert craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating these flavorful delights. Crafted with care and supplied frozen to preserve their artisanal quality. Our Italian Spice Pork Sausage delivers the true taste of Italy, allowing you to elevate your meals with exceptional flavors and uncompromising quality.

This sausage is featured in our One Pot Italian Pasta recipe. Great tasting, fast to prepare, and who does not love a recipe that tastes like a master chef’s production and can be done using a single pot?

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Protein, Fat, Pork, Spices, water


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