Jalapeño Thin Beef Sausages


Jalapeño Thin Beef Sausages are packed with flavor with a hint of Heat, If you enjoy the aromatic taste of Jalapeño then these are a must. Supplied in packs of 6 thin mouth-watering sausages.

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Set your palate ablaze with the handcrafted perfection of our Jalapeño Thin Beef Sausages. We meticulously craft these sausages using prime beef cuts and infuse them with fiery jalapeño peppers, creating a compelling flavor profile that will leave you craving more.

With each bite, you’ll experience the expert balance of heat and zest that makes these sausages a favorite among spice enthusiasts. Handcrafted with care and supplied frozen to preserve their artisanal quality. Our Jalapeño Thin Beef Sausages are a convenient are a flavorful addition to your culinary adventures. Supplied in packs of six sausages per pack. If you need a little less heat, then our Spicy Italian Thin Beef Sausages are a must for you to try.

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Protein, Beef, Fat, Spices, water


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