Jalapeño Beef Sausage Patties


Jalapeño Beef Sausage Patties – Embrace the artisanal charm of our Handmade Jalapeno patties. Skillfully crafted using premium ingredients, these meatballs deliver a perfect blend of heat and flavor. They are supplied in packs of 6 patties per pack.


With each bite our Jalapeño Beef Sausage Patties reveal the expertly balanced combination of ground meat and fiery jalapeno peppers. The result is a tantalizing taste experience. Handmade with care, these patties showcase our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Packed in convenient packs of six, they are the ideal choice for adding a spicy kick to your meals. Whether served with put them on a hamburger bun, English muffin or incorporated into various dishes. These handmade Jalapeno beef patties will take your culinary adventures to the next level. If you like Breakfast sausage patties but these sound a bit too spicy then check out our chicken patties or our tasty American Style Breakfast Sausage

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